Four Beaches and a Birthday

As most people (reading this) know, my 30th birthday was a week ago tomorrow. Samuel and I were in Whangarei that weekend (a story for another time), so I spent my birthday with my parents – I think possibly the first time in a decade. We had a very nice day – I did a […]

Mixed Feelings

Since Adam has been visiting a lot recently (and will now be looked after by Olyvia, along with Regan, twice a week), Samuel is able to pick up new skills by observing someone roughly a year older than himself. This is obviously good in some ways, but bad in others. Sam’s now able to open […]


Last week we all drove up to Paihia to visit Simon, Jolene, Adam & Regan, who spent the week up there. Sam did quite well with the 4.5 hour trip (probably his longest so far), with just a little stop at Wellsford for some lunch. We didn’t really do anything on Wednesday night, but on […]