Three months later…

…and it’s Debbie here – a little bit bored of reading about Tony’s birthday celebrations 😉 So, for a little bit of an update (no doubt one of the Meyer’s will be shamed into updating soon…) – Sam is growing taller and smarter every day. Last time I saw him he was spouting off words, […]

Help! The videos won't play!

It has been brought to my attention that putting “H.264” next to the links to the scan videos doesn’t necessarily explain how to play them. 🙂 (The first one will just play in Windows Media Player, but this applies to the others, and any future videos). So here is what you need to do:


So Olyvia finally chose a domain name, and we have the site to plonk all the family stuff. I expect that this will be predominately baby things (work things go on my work site), but there might be something else.