Three months later…

…and it’s Debbie here – a little bit bored of reading about Tony’s birthday celebrations 😉

So, for a little bit of an update (no doubt one of the Meyer’s will be shamed into updating soon…) – Sam is growing taller and smarter every day. Last time I saw him he was spouting off words, letters and numbers faster than you could put them in front of him. Yes, I mean actually reading them, not just rambling or anything. For those of you that would like to see, a video of him reading can be downloaded here.

Dancing to Gwen Stefani and Pink also seems to be a favourite – and of course you get pulled in to dancing too (or in my case, you get the guilts when he looks at you and says “come on guys, dance!”) 

Playcentre is one more thing thats new in Sams life – he’s all properly enrolled at one of the local Matakana playcentres and loving it 🙂 (btw, if anyone wants to buy a raffle ticket for a Mother’s Day hamper , let Olyvia or Tony know! Fundraising for playcentre is all good)

Anyway, that’s about it for now – sorry I don’t have much for you but hey, hopefully Olyvia or Tony will notice that I’ve updated their site soon and maybe they’ll give you some proper news 🙂

Have fun wherever you are!

– Debbie 😉

4 thoughts on “Three months later…

  1. Good grief. It took me 8 days to find this, and even then it was Mum that told me about it. The grandmothers win for paying attention.

    I have been feeling the shame. Will update soon. Thanks for filling in in the meantime 🙂

  2. Hi Debbie I’m in Holland!! I spent yesterday riding rollercoasters and similar at a theme park

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