In Memoriam

Warning: sad, and more emotional than you’d normally get from me.  You may wish to skip this, and wait for another cute Samuel video. Some kids’ dad died today.  Mine died two years ago, 10/10/09.  So long ago; no time at all. Dad had health issues his entire life, although there were certainly times that […]

Ehara i te Mea

Some of the classes at Sam’s school visited Wiri Central School on Wednesday, and he’s been singing a few waiata since then.  This is the first verse of his favourite, Ehara i te Mea, which I remember singing when I was in primary school.


At most of you know, Samuel turned 5 on the 28th of August, so started school a couple of weeks ago. He’s attending Ahuroa School, which is about 10 minutes drive away (we’re planning on moving to Ahuroa before too long).  It’s a very small, rural,  school (just over 50 students) about half way between […]

RemoDemo 2011

The first annual (?) RemoDemo was held at Debbie’s place yesterday.  Six contestants (Debbie, Kath, Jacs, Tim (withdrew), Olyvia, and I) had identical remote controlled cars, $30, and about 3 months to modify them to compete in a demolition derby. The idea behind having identical cars was that it would be the modifications that would […]

The Mystery of the Missing Cat5

We’re essentially unpacked now – and this is a much smaller place, so there’s no room for unpacked/partially-unpacked boxes anywhere.  There’s quite a lot of things that are being stored in the garage while we live here, but those are all in large plastic boxes that were packed well in advance.  And yet, somehow, I’m […]

327 Point Wells Road

As most people know, we moved house last week.  When we moved in (August 2008), we hoped that in 18 months or so we’d be in a position to buy rather than rent.  Unfortunately, amongst the other badness of 2009, it was not good financially, and we’re certainly not in that position now.  Failing that, […]

Moving (Digitally)

It’s pretty obvious that something has changed – and this time it’s not just the look.  We haven’t (clearly) been updating here much recently – with many people we know using Twitter now, and with 2009 being a rather awful year, there hasn’t been as much to say.  These days, if I’m at a computer, […]

Which came first?

So it’s been ages. Mostly I can’t remember how to use the website and I never use the big computer: I’m always using my phone. Anyway. Hi. Now that I can update from the iPhone, I hopefully will use this more regular-like. Cute story time: Sam and I went to the Matakana Country Park the […]

Three months later…

…and it’s Debbie here – a little bit bored of reading about Tony’s birthday celebrations 😉 So, for a little bit of an update (no doubt one of the Meyer’s will be shamed into updating soon…) – Sam is growing taller and smarter every day. Last time I saw him he was spouting off words, […]

Four Beaches and a Birthday

As most people (reading this) know, my 30th birthday was a week ago tomorrow. Samuel and I were in Whangarei that weekend (a story for another time), so I spent my birthday with my parents – I think possibly the first time in a decade. We had a very nice day – I did a […]