Which came first?

So it’s been ages. Mostly I can’t remember how to use the website and I never use the big computer: I’m always using my phone.

Anyway. Hi.

Now that I can update from the iPhone, I hopefully will use this more regular-like.

Cute story time:

Sam and I went to the Matakana Country Park the other day (which is a fairly regular thing) to play on their extensive and muddy playground; a firm favourite with the almost three year old.

We were playing the climb in and out game when Sam suddenly became very excited and Mummy noticed the squawking was not just him but also a large black chicken, cornered inside one cubby house by said child. Mummy calmed the situation and released the frightened foul whilst trying to distract Sam from further terrorising the poor creature with a game of involuntary tiggy.

A walk to the other end of the park became the chicken’s salvation. Stopping to chat with the friendly cafe ladies, as per usual, Mummy relayed the chicken story. The staff remarked that perhaps this was where the chickens had taken to laying eggs, since no one had been able to find any eggs lately. Mummy agreed it was possible and left the small talk with a juice she hadn’t intended for Sam to have.

Back at the playground…

Mummy was fiddling with her phone and Sam was climbing about and chasing the bunnies. Next minute “Egg! Mummy yook a egg!” startled, Mummy looked up from Facebook and sure enough Sam was holding a perfect, brown, very fresh egg. It was still warm. He was inside the same cubby where we had earlier experienced chicken conflict. Mummy claimed the egg and thanked Sam for being so careful and decided to see if this was a one off lay.

Long story short (kind of) ten eggs, a bemused Mummy and delighted Country Park staff later, a very proud little Sam left the park, thanking the chickens for the egg hidey seek. šŸ™‚

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