Moving (Digitally)

It’s pretty obvious that something has changed – and this time it’s not just the look.  We haven’t (clearly) been updating here much recently – with many people we know using Twitter now, and with 2009 being a rather awful year, there hasn’t been as much to say.  These days, if I’m at a computer, then I’m generally working, so that doesn’t lend itself to posts much either.  I hope this changes a bit this year, although I’m not promising anything.

Since posting is pretty infrequent at the moment, and since we’re trying to counter the plummeting exchange rate (and hence my income), I’ve moved the site from a self-hosted system to being hosted on itself.  It’s only a saving of about US$50/year, but every bit helps (and it means that will take care of the software updates as well, which helps).  The biggest catch is that there’s not a lot of flexibility in the design – basically there’s a set of slightly customisable templates, and that’s it.  If posting does increase again enough to make spending more worthwhile, then we’ll probably move to SquareSpace, but for now this is it.

For the non-technical, all that means is that the site will be a bit uglier, but there might be posts again.  If you had an account, it’ll be gone, but the accounts didn’t really do anything anyway – you should be able to do similar things here anyway.

3 thoughts on “Moving (Digitally)

  1. If anyone was subscribed to the RSS feed for the site, that might have broken as part of this (I didn’t consider that). It’s self-hosted WordPress to, so it might still work, but it might not. Re-subscribing will work.

  2. Thanks, but this will do for now. I don’t really have the time to manage things manually now (especially since WordPress exploits seem to be getting more common), so a hosted solution is probably the best for now. It would be nice to have nicer templates, but unless Liv or I start posting more often, it doesn’t really make much sense to spend much time on the design.

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