The Mystery of the Missing Cat5

We’re essentially unpacked now – and this is a much smaller place, so there’s no room for unpacked/partially-unpacked boxes anywhere.  There’s quite a lot of things that are being stored in the garage while we live here, but those are all in large plastic boxes that were packed well in advance.  And yet, somehow, I’m missing several cables – and only the cables – nothing else seems to be missing.

The cables in question are fairly short cat5 (‘ethernet’/’network’) cables – one is blue and one is yellow, so hard to miss, which link parts of our ‘entertainment system’ (the AppleTV, the Wii, the PS2, MySKY).  I’m rather baffled as to where they might be.  In particular:

I moved all the ‘entertainment system’ on Saturday, the day before the truck moved the bulk of our things.  Why wouldn’t the cables have been moved then, along with the TV, the various boxes, the cabinet, and so forth?

If they were moved then, why wouldn’t I have plugged them in?  They wouldn’t have done much, since Telecom screwed up and hadn’t connected the phone line yet, but it seems like I would have plugged them in while I was doing everything else.  If they weren’t there then, why didn’t I notice that at the time?

Since all the boxes are unpacked, where can they possibly be?  This house isn’t large enough for things to get lost.  We’ve checked all over the place, including in the car.  Although the garage was a huge mess on moving day, we’ve since tidied it up, and there’s nowhere left for them to be there (no last box to unpack or anything like that).

It baffles me, and is also pretty annoying, since I don’t have enough spare cables (in fact, I don’t have any short spares any more) to replace them.

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