What's in a name?

After “when is it due?”, and “do you know what gender it is?”, the most commonly asked question is definitely “do you have a name picked out yet?”  We’ve been talking about names since before Olyvia was pregnant, but we’re still stuck on a name. Somewhat ironically, we had a girl’s name picked out that […]

Cot assembly complete

We put the (via TradeMe) cot up today, with minimal conflict, and only had to redo it three times before it was right. We think. It looks nice and we’re very happy with it. It has a few little teething marks, but that just gives it character, really. Here are some early photos of the […]

Third scan

This should really have been the second scan, but the first one was too early. Once again, everything was thankfully all good. The baby is a bit larger than expected, so we’re pretty sure that it’ll be 16/08/06 and not the revised 25/08/06. I’ve learnt a bit more about editing the scan [3MB H.264] (higher […]

Scan #2

Scan #1 was too early to do the required measurements (and they bumped the date to 25/8/06 from 16/8/06), so we needed a second scan [3.5MB MOV] (higher quality [17.5MB MOV]).