Cot assembly complete

Baby's RoomCot

We put the (via TradeMe) cot up today, with minimal conflict, and only had to redo it three times before it was right. We think.

It looks nice and we’re very happy with it. It has a few little teething marks, but that just gives it character, really.

Here are some early photos of the room (we’ll redo them when we get the bookshelf, which is the last part, and tidy things up a bit) and pregnant me and the cute dog.

Not much more to say now, really. Only 7 weeks to go! (More or less – if you haven’t entered the guess the birth date and birth weight competitions, let us know!)

[For reference: the original due date was 16/8, and the official due date is 25/8]

One thought on “Cot assembly complete

  1. Wow, the room looks awesome!! Sebastian must be so confused, i bet he wonders what on earth is going on. I love the pic of Moggy in the doorway! If looks could kill….

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