Samuel is two years old today!  Still no Internet access at home (and it may be two weeks yet before there is), so photos and so on will be late arriving, sorry. This morning he got up around 7 a.m., where he found all the toys that live at Grandma & Granddad’s (we are staying […]

Stay tuned!

In brief: We moved. I was promised a home phone line and Internet connection either the day we moved or a couple of days later.  A week and a half later the phone line appeared and the Internet order has had to be redone.  Moral: avoid TelstraClear at all costs.  I’ll rant about them elsewhere, […]

Ex Libris

The book catalogue software we use (Delicious Library, very highly recommended, but Mac only) just released version 2.0. There are many improvements that will be of no interest to most of you, but two possibly are: The scripting support is much stronger. This means that I should be able to re-do my query-by-txt tool so […]

Don't look behind the curtain

I updated the CMS software that badtomatoes.org uses (WordPress) today – theoretically, you should notice nothing at all (unless you’re me, Olyvia or Debbie and can go see the Wizard). In practice, things sometimes break. It looks fine to me, but please let me know if something doesn’t work. Next up (as well as a […]

Bees, ogres, and a house full of kids

Liv’s family is still making their merry way across Europe (one each in Germany, France, and Italy at the moment, I think), and Sam hasn’t seen his grandparents on my side for a few weeks either (they’re making their daily merry way across Whangarei to work…), so another update. The last couple of weeks have […]