Samuel is two years old today!  Still no Internet access at home (and it may be two weeks yet before there is), so photos and so on will be late arriving, sorry.

This morning he got up around 7 a.m., where he found all the toys that live at Grandma & Granddad’s (we are staying here at the moment) and started playing with them before he could get to any presents.  Eventually we were able to get his attention long enough to give him his presents (“wow” to pretty much everything), and he seemed to like everything (including the train & book from Grandma & Granddad).

Unfortunately, I had to work today, so Liv dropped me off while Samuel stayed with Grandma.  Later on Liv and Sam visited (Great) Granny for a while, and then had lunch with me at Raumanga Valley Park (a bit boggy, but nice).  After a nap in the afternoon we had a little detour looking for a new bed for me & Liv and then came back to Grandma & Granddad’s for dinner.  Sam had a swim in the spa, then a good dinner, then blew out candles on his cake (another one!) before having a story and heading off to bed.

All-in-all, he seemed to have a pretty good day.  Thanks also to everyone that SMS’d or called him to say “happy birthday”.

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