Practical Parenting

So everything has been pretty good. I got sick last week and had a bad few days of no eating and much sickness, but baby coped fine and is probably healthier than his mother. Not a nice time to be ill though. I am still getting over it I think, lots of naps in the afternoon, but everyone keeps telling me that’s good practice for when little one arrives so maybe it’s a good thing, even if I feel about 90!

We are now 34 weeks through and all is well. Baby wriggles his required amount by about 3pm and then carries on into the night. He is really very strong now, some of those kicks are mighty powerful, nothing like being literally kicked in the guts 😛

We went to another course through the Parent Centre yesterday, “Practical Parenting” which consisted of our antenatal class and the parent centre ladies telling us about such things as, routines, breastfeeding, bathing, nappy changing, nappies (the disposable vs cloth debate) bedding and a bit about the hospital and some basic health and well being stuff.

All in all, I would say it was pretty good. They make it clear that everything is just information from personal experience and talking to others and not a hard and fast rule (which is pretty obvious anyway), so you can take what you want from the day and use your own ideas to come up with a routine that works for you. Tony is pretty good at folding nappies which I believe was his first try. It seems he is pretty good at all the baby handling (we had a practice doll, you see, named Sheryl), with the exception of dressing her after her bath, the outfit was not only backwards but her arm was in the leg hole! To be fair, stretch’n’grows are totally confusing, what with all the legs and sleeves!! 😛

Interesting day though.  We learnt some new stuff and had a lot of things confirmed that we already knew or were thinking about ourselves, so that was kind of nice and reassuring (for me anyway, Tony’s not full of hormones :))

We have more antenatal classes yet and a CPR/Car safety morning coming up too which will be good because car seats are not so simple now, too much to choose from.

Thats about all the news for now.


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