37 Weeks gone….

Well, we finished Baby’s room now, so there are new photos on flickr to look at (there are also the old ones). Mostly it involved putting up some paintings and adding a few bits and rearranging other bits, not too different but, hey, what else can I do at 37 plus weeks pregnant (not vacuum, too slow and painful, much to my little brain’s disgust) but take photos?

So now that we have reached the 37 week mark, it is all safe for Baby Meyer to arrive, he is officially full term now, so any day he chooses to he can come along. As terrified of labour as I was, I am looking foward to getting it out of the way and meeting baby now. My impatient self has had quite enough of being pregnant and I want to get on with the next stage: the exhausting and terrifying bit where I don’t know what I am doing; I am ready for that now.

The antenatal classes are still pretty interesting, they brought a pair of couples to class last week for us to interrogate. Coincidently, one couple were named Simon and Jo, so that was fun. Seeing the new little babies was nice and seeing some people on the other side of labour looking normal was fairly calming for me, I realise people do it every day and women have been doing it for centuries, but I haven’t, so I was quite apprehensive. After seeing the midwife and talking to more people I am much calmer. Lucky for Tony.

Not much else to say really, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we get to meet baby.

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