Father's Day

As the latest-six-photos preview gives away, there are more photos up on flickr now, although Liv hasn’t got around to descriptions or a post here yet (sitting at the computer isn’t particularly comfortable).

Everything is going well – Liv is recovering nicely, and Samuel is so far very well behaved.

Today is Father’s Day (in New Zealand and Australia) – my first on this side of the relationship, of course (I received a personalised Tatty Teddy).  Everything has gone well – we had lunch with Liv’s parents & brother & Amy, and I started back working properly today.  As a nice coincidence, an email of mine to 101 Uses for Baby Wipes was mentioned in the latest episode (released on Samuel’s birthday, but I didn’t get a chance to listen until now) – and Dennis did a Toon Test, which I had mentioned I missed, which was great – I got 2 out of 3, but since one is an adult’s cartoon and one is a classic, that’s ok!  Samuel is too young for TV, and too young to guess, of course!.


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