And the winner is…

No-one guessed exactly the right day that Samuel would be born, but the closest was Debbie Larkins with the 27th of August (correct being the 28th of August, of course, the day that the Beatles met Bob Dylan for the first time (1964), and the birthday of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Janet Frame, Shania Twain, Billy Boyd, Jason Priestley, and Jack Black).

As time went on, I frequently commented that all the guesses were pretty early (they could have been as late as September 8th) and that the odds would be good for anyone at the tail end. This might have been partly our fault, since we were still believing the original due date of the 16th, rather than the official date of the 25th (although we always did disclose both).

Geoff Brown and Graham Healey were closest to the actual weight (9lbs, 6oz) with 9lbs, 4oz.

In the near future, when we’re a bit more organised, we’ll organise the prizes. Thanks to everyone that entered (26 people in total), and congratulations to the winners!

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