and so I'm back, from outer space…..

Well it’s been just over 2 months since wee Sammy arrived and I am only just posting this!! I have been getting used to having a little person and have neglected my website responsibilities.

Sam is doing really well; last weigh-in saw him at about 5.7kgs (12 pounds 9 ounces) which was 2 weeks ago now, so hopefully he is even heavier now. From the looks of him, it’s not an issue.

He makes a lot of very cute noises now, much cooing and little squeals, even the odd little laugh, which (of course), has me melting into laughter on a daily basis. He is smiling all the time, when I get him out of bed in the morning, when we change his nappy, when he has nothing on, when he poos in the bath, when he breaks wind, etc. (He’s actually cute, even when he’s doing something undesirable).

We’ve managed to survive his first nine weeks pretty well; he has been sleeping well, through the night for about three weeks, going to bed about 11:30pm & waking for breakfast at around 7:30am. He sometimes wakes earlier, but can be usually be settled back to sleep till 7:30am with not too much fuss, so well take that with no complaints, thank you.

He’s been out to cafes a couple of times, shopping a few times, and yesterday went to a real restaurant (for old Simon’s birthday), all with relative ease and not too much trouble (for his parents, I mean; he’s really not bothered where he is). I have had to remember how to be really well organised and plan what I’m taking where and when.

I have also got the hang of expressing milk for him to have from a bottle, which, of course, means other people can feed him sometimes so I can have a break or maybe even leave him with someone else for a few hours, eeep!, how weird!.

He has stayed with each of his grandparents in-between feeds so far but we have yet to leave him for longer. I’m sure we will when Tony has time for a break from work.

It’s our third wedding anniversary today and we managed to squeeze in a nice meal at the town basin (in the waterfront) in Whangarei, during Tony’s lunch break. Sam slept peacefully throughout.

So, all in all, we are doing well, busy with outings, coffee group and such and Tony is very busy with work but we are coping well. We have a healthy little baby who keeps his Mummy amused and well and truly on her newly organised toes.

Update again after the Christening.

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