Samuel swimmingSamuel had his first swim (outside the bath) last Thursday in our wee pool at our new place. We were prepared for plenty of tears and it taking a few times to get him used to the cold bath, but he took to it right away. The water was about 26 degrees so there was a bit of a chill when first entering, and he wasn’t entirely sure about it, but he quickly got used to the idea. He loved kicking the ball around and having a splash.

Unfortunately, this was an unexpected visit, so we didn’t have our camera with us. We managed to get a couple of shots with the phone‘s camera, but the Bluetooth on the phone is on the fritz at the moment, so they’re stuck on the phone for now. We also took a couple on film with Rachel’s camera, but haven’t managed to get any electronic copies of those yet.

On Saturday he had his first shower experience – I took him in with me, not to wash him (he had his bath later on), but so that I could get clean without having to leave him by himself for too long. This didn’t go quite so well – he didn’t hate it, but it certainly wasn’t as much fun as the bath or the pool (and he certainly gets slippery!).Samuel swimming with Tony holding him

Swim number two came along on Monday – the pool water reached 30 degrees (the temperature had dropped a little by the time we took the photo) so there was no chill getting in at all. He enjoyed this one even more, I think – and this time we did manage to get some photos.

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