One, two, three…

Everything had been going fairly smoothly.  And then there was the Internet issue (still not resolved, and dialup is driving me nuts).  Then our cellphone had to go in to be repaired, as the bluetooth stopped working (the problem started before the move, but it only went in a couple of weeks ago).  So now we don’t have the cellphone, or proper Internet access, and our landline is tied up all the time.

Then, to get to the three that Olyvia always says that there are, we sprung a leak last night.  Water started dribbling (then peeing) out of the water filter that was put in around a month ago.  We couldn’t find any way to fix it (it seems to be a hole in the filter itself, not in the connections or hoses), so we had to shut off the water to the house.  We’d just emptied the pool to clean it, but we still have a wheelbarrow of water left to refill toilets and so forth, but there’s not much in the way of showers and so forth.

So not the greatest run…but hopefully we will be back up with everything fixed soon…but until then, there’ll still be the current draught of photos.

7 thoughts on “One, two, three…

  1. I just heard from Liv that a plumber came out this morning and managed to fix the problem (filter wasn’t able to handle the pressure, needed to have an extra valve), so that’s at least one issue resolved, and quickly.

    I still have hopes that I might have ADSL tonight. Or tomorrow when I get home from Snells Beach.

  2. No internet, no cell phone, no running water…. you have no chance of generating the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity necessary to run the DeLorean back to 2007.

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