Fail, fail, fail

#1: I baked some muffins to take to Vanessa when we went to see her new place a few days ago. One batch was the crunchy lemon ones we did for Samuel’s first birthday. The other was a batch of sun-dried tomato with coriander and cornmeal, which I hadn’t made before. All went well, until I was tidying up after the muffins were cooked, and found the bowl of tomatoes, ready to add to the mixture. It turned out that it didn’t matter that much: I made a proper batch the next day and while they were tastier, the first batch was still fine.

#2: I put a couple of (English) muffin halves in the toaster to have as a snack while I was working. I came back when they were done, and found that there were already two halves in the toaster from when I had done the same thing earlier in the day and forgot to collect & eat them. Apparently, our new toaster is wide enough to cook two halves side-by-side!

#3: Rachel, Olyvia & Samuel brought me some three capsicums a few days ago from the garden (from the previous occupants – our garden is only just planted), with the suggestion that we could use them in our dinner. I got a chance to use them last night, so I diced them up and added them to some pasta sauce. The flesh inside was a little unusual, but I figured that it was just a different variety than I was used to, and I had a bit of a cough, so didn’t pay much attention. When it came time to taste the pasta sauce, I figured out the source of the cough: they were not capsicum. They were chilli. Three pretty large chilli in one little batch of sauce. It was very, very hot (at least I’d taken out the seeds!). I had a go eating it, but could only manage about a third before the heat was unbearable. Even the next day my hands are a bit sore (from cutting the chilli up).

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