Street View, with a history

It’s kinda cool that street view exists, but it does also make you wonder what you’ll be able to do by the time Samuel gets to be my age.

I believe this was our house in Kaitaia (before the Jamieson Road one, which doesn’t seem to have street view – even Google has limits! – it’s back from the road anyway, so you wouldn’t be able to see much).

Assuming that most of NZ was street-mapped at the roughly the same time, we must have been living in Henderson at the time (our car, which we only bought just before moving there, is in the shot, although oddly parked on the grass). The side of the driveway at Whitehills has been cut away, which was a while after we moved, I think. The letterbox we put up at Point Wells isn’t there, so it seems unlikely we had already moved.

(For the record, I also lived in Tikipunga, on campus (street view doesn’t extend all the way down the road), in a garage (briefly), in a lounge (more briefly), Massey (not sure if this is the right view or not – I don’t really remember), Glenfield Rd (not 100% sure this link is right either), and Jenanne Place (not much to see, since it’s back from the road)).

2 thoughts on “Street View, with a history

  1. I (Tony) should also point out, I guess, that there was another place I lived (in Ruawai). However, it’s unique both in that I don’t remember it at all (I was something like 2 when we moved to Kaitaia), and I’m told that it is also no longer there.

  2. The google map shows our house as 72 Redan Road when it was infact 60, then later 62 when the house enxt door was built.

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