Sam playing in Taupo

One last entry for our recent Taupo trip: here’s a short (3 minute) video (33MB, or there’s a 19MB version) of Sam at the playground and having a swim in the resort pool. The quality’s not great – the video is all taken with the still camera, which takes nice still photos, but pretty terrible […]


Last week we all drove up to Paihia to visit Simon, Jolene, Adam & Regan, who spent the week up there. Sam did quite well with the 4.5 hour trip (probably his longest so far), with just a little stop at Wellsford for some lunch. We didn’t really do anything on Wednesday night, but on […]

Bees, ogres, and a house full of kids

Liv’s family is still making their merry way across Europe (one each in Germany, France, and Italy at the moment, I think), and Sam hasn’t seen his grandparents on my side for a few weeks either (they’re making their daily merry way across Whangarei to work…), so another update. The last couple of weeks have […]

Some new skills

So, we went to swimming this morning as usual and Sam has decided that he can put his head under the water on his own now. I was so surprised! We count 1,2,3, then submerge and today he did it himself, right on cue, twice, and even blew bubbles. Very cute and talented. We went […]

and now…

So it has been two more months and, as predicted, Sam is not far from running. He went from a couple of wobbly steps to full-on walking pretty quickly. We think it was a confidence thing, once he got some he was sweet to go. Now shopping trips are far more interactive for all involved […]