Some new skills

So, we went to swimming this morning as usual and Sam has decided that he can put his head under the water on his own now. I was so surprised! We count 1,2,3, then submerge and today he did it himself, right on cue, twice, and even blew bubbles. Very cute and talented.

We went to a surprise party for my Grandfather’s 80th yesterday at Pitt St Church (where Sam’s Christening was). The party went well and I made another cake (I am developing a new skill), a bunch of balloons made of cupcakes; there will be photos uploaded for you to stare in awe at soon…

Sam, however, loved running up and down the aisles of the church and talking to his echo (very quietly of course). It was so funny, he just went and went for ages. It kept Daddy busy while Mummy mingled with various family and friends.

Funny story:
Yesterday morning Sam was busying himself as I was baking 36 cupcakes. Tony came into the dining room and Sam pleasantly offered Tony something to eat from his little hand (he does this often now). Taking it politely in his mouth Daddy thanked Sam and nibbled on the morsel. Mummy cracked up hysterically upon seeing this scene from the kitchen.
“Do you know what that is?” Mummy knowingly asked Daddy?
“I thought it was a raisin, why?”
“It’s a cat biscuit!” laughed Mummy.
Hahahaha! Sam had stolen the whole bowl of cat biscuits from the kitchen while I had my hands busy with the oven and I had not yet removed them from his possession.
The look on Tony’s face was awesome as he spat out the cat biscuit he had just been sucking on.
One of my all time favourite moments of parenting so far.

Thats all from me.

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