When the cat's away

Since Sam’s Nana, Poppa, and Uncle are all in Europe, I ought to do an update (rather than completely rely on Debbie!), since we said we’d keep them up-to-date a bit. (And hello to everyone else!). I’ve also got photos to upload, probably tomorrow.

So a quick recap of the last week-and-a-bit: Saturday we saw the Slaters off at the airport, then helped Aunty Brenda move into her new place. It has a huge (flat) backyard and wooden floors, so it’s a great place for Sam to play. Olyvia headed off to her Orewa trip that night, and Granddad and Grandma stayed with me and Sam. Sunday morning we headed back to Brenda’s for morning tea, then headed back home for a couple of days of solo-dad’ing. Nothing much to report about that time, really – just normal days.

Olyvia came back Tuesday night, and we had a normal Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (although very wet). On Saturday we headed back to Aunty Brenda’s house so that I could setup an Internet connection for her, and Sam played in the rain for over an hour.

Last Sunday we headed out to Si & Jo’s Buckland house for a working bee. Actually, they’ve signed up for a reality TV show, and the working bee was part of that. Some silly TV stuff (‘say this like I just asked you a question’) and some actual work – the house is looking pretty good, so hopefully they’ll manage to sell it soon.

Monday Liv was quite sick, so Sam hung out with me while I worked (we managed a quick trip to Jansen’s since I had to go to the post office), and it was otherwise a quiet day. Liv’s feeling better today, although a bit tired from being sick, so we’ve had another quiet day (me working, Sam running and laughing, and Liv resting).

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