An end to Seasons Greetings…

Is anybody else bored with checking this site and reading about the upcoming Christmas and New Year? Debbie here, and I’m hijacking this page temporarily until Sam learns to update websites, or at least until Tony/Olyvia get time to do it themselves.

Soooo, to update you all…

As you have probably guessed Sam is now a walking, running, chasing machine. The animals of the house aren’t too impressed by this, but it does make for a good workout when you visit. Talking and sign language is also getting better, he seems to have mastered the basics and if you fill in the blanks in your head you can almost have a conversation with him… actually I’m exaggerating slightly, but you can figure out what he wants most of the time now.

Christmas Day was much more interactive this year, with Sam opening all of his presents himself, and being the well trained consumer he is, he even oooohed and aaaahed at the appropriate times. Outside play became a lot more interesting with a slide and swing set to go with the sandpit and swimming pool that were already there.

Since then things have been plodding along smoothly… actually I can’t really remember what else has happened (it’s the end of February okay, how am I supposed to remember January etc..?). Last weekend Olyvia’s parents and brother flew off to Europe for Chantal & PJ’s wedding and a bit of travelling (so jealous!), and Aunty Brenda shifted down to Auckland (when is she on babysitting duty?)

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. Hopefully updates will become more regular now 🙂


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