and now…

So it has been two more months and, as predicted, Sam is not far from running. He went from a couple of wobbly steps to full-on walking pretty quickly. We think it was a confidence thing, once he got some he was sweet to go. Now shopping trips are far more interactive for all involved (much chasing, less carrying and more “don’t touch!”). But it is still a bit of a novelty for us and therefore all extremely cute.

Our little monkey has also developed a few words. Cheese, teeth, keys and yes are all fairly similar in their very secretive, half-whispered delivery. He is doing really well with his sign language, too. He knows about 8 signs well now and has even started to put them together; at Aunty Debbie’s he managed to point out the “fish” and told me they were “swimming” using sign language, then promptly tried to join them in their pond. He obviously understands a lot more than I gave him credit for. Until recently I still kind of assumed he wasn’t paying attention or understanding us; how wrong I am. He knows things we haven’t ever taught him and he seems to pull out all his new tricks at the moment. He follows heaps of instructions like putting things in the rubbish bin for us and helping tidy up and, even though he doesn’t always agree, “no” is well used – and from the little tantrums, understood.

We have the pool up again and Sam still loves swimming. His lessons come to end for the year this week and he is doing really well, he even stands on the edge of the pool and jumps in with great gusto.

Sam’s second Christmas is close and we were concerned that a tree and a toddler wouldn’t mix, but so far so good (touch wood (ho ho ho)), he helped decorate it (sort of) and has not showed that much interest in destroying it yet! The presents under the tree, however, are far more enticing. He already half-unwrapped a couple yesterday, so the next few weeks will be interesting and Christmas Day should be immense fun for his little hands. Looking forward to it actually.

Merry Christmas everyone and, if we don’t see you before, Happy New Year.

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