Photos, photos, and more photos

Samuel smilingAfter pretty regular updates for some time, there has been a bit of a break in the appearance of new Samuel photos. I was pretty sick after the Christening, then busy catching up, then couldn’t find the USB cable to get the photos off the camera, then – well, you get the idea.

Finally I thought through it today and realised that the USB cable was at home the whole time, and Liv found it in the desk drawer. So there are 126 new photos up (from more than 200 which were on the camera), including ones of the Christening. They’re not quite in the right order because I was having some troubles uploading (I really ought to fork out for the new version of FlickrExport), but you can get the Christening ones via the tag, so that shouldn’t matter.

If I’m remembering things correctly, these are the first photos since he started really smiling (and eating his hand – or mine – and discovered TV), so there are some cute ones there.

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