and in other news……

Sam’s Christening was good, everything went to plan and Sam was a perfect baby all day. Everything was just as we wanted it to be (apart from Tony being not so well then getting horribly sick later that night…) and it was lovely to have a nice day to welcome Sam properly, with all our friends and family there (except for Geoff in Japan and the Dutchies in, well, the Netherlands, obviously) to enjoy it with us.

Sam is smiling so much now; every morning when I get him out of his bed he smiles and when he gets unwrapped from his swaddling he stretches his little arms up over his head yawns, smiles, goos at me and farts (he’s such a boy). On Tuesday just gone (21/Nov/06) he laughed properly for the first time. Blowing raspberries all over his belly makes him giggle it seems….The best part was we were both there to hear it, so neither of us missed it, which is cool because, of course, he hasn’t done it again, no matter how hard we’ve tried….little monkey is just making us behave like idiots for his own amusement.

He is behaving very well (touch wood) really. He settles himself to sleep now both during the day and at night. He has been sleeping quite well at night already but recently we dropped his 11pm feed since he didn’t seem that interested in it and stayed pretty much asleep. So now he sleeps from around 9pm till around 6:30am sometimes even till 8am, so most of the time his parents get an ok sleep. When he is awake during the day he is getting more and more aware of his surroundings and his toys. He grabs things now, hold his rattles and happily whacks himself on the head and bats at things that make pleasant dingly noises. He discovered his hands too, so when he isn’t attempting to swallow them simultaneously he is watching them dance in front of his face with extreme fascination; hands are fairly trippy when you’ve just realised you have some.

Oh and he is really vocal, much gooing and ah-gooing, and some long and involved explanations of some very complex theories (apparently), all of course, very very cute and extemely hard to pull myself away from, so as much as I could now actually happily leave him to amuse himself for a while and get something else done, I don’t. I play with him. My housework gets done in speed bursts while he sleeps, as does my eating/showering/washing/email and website updates.

Speaking of which, my boy just woke up so I better get to him….

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