Flashback Video #1

Sam has really started moving over the last week.  While visiting Granddad and Grandma on Tuesday, he properly crawled for the first time (only a couple of steps, but still!), and then managed to pull himself to a standing position from sitting as well.  Since then, the crawling has stayed at only a few steps at a time, but is very frequent.  He’s also managed to get himself sitting up from lying on the floor in the last couple of days, and has ‘walked’ a bit leaning on a wheeled footstool.  We’re baby-proofing the house this Easter…

It doesn’t seem that long ago that being able to whack toys dangling from his gym was very impressive.  In memory of such long ago times, here’s a short flashback video in small (5.6 MB) and medium (74.2 MB) [both H.264].  Happy Easter!

One thought on “Flashback Video #1

  1. Hey, I made a video last year that you may want to add to this at some point… it was supposed to be Sams Christmas present, but then I went on holiday and completely forgot about it. It’s kind of a 2 minute prequel to what you’ve got here 🙂 I will upload it my website when I’m at work on Tuesday (I thought I had it on my laptop, but apparently not).

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