Bits and pieces

Samuel crawlingCongratulations to PJ & Chantal, who are going to be married on leap day 2008!

Congratulations to Simon & Jolene, who are expecting a little brother for Adam in four or five months time!

Sam’s progressing quickly with his crawling – he’s able to get across a room without falling down at all now – Sebastian and Moglin are not particularly impressed. Samuel in black and whiteHe’s now really started on the “no” learning, since there’s plenty of things around that he’s not allowed to play with (except in his room, where he wanders around freely). He’s also getting pretty good at sitting up from a crawling position, and pulling himself up to kneeling or standing (as long as there’s a suitable object in the right place for him to use).

Swimming classes start the Wednesday after ANZAC day, which should be fun (the swimming, that is) – he still loves the bath, and loved the pool while it was up, and the beach during the , but hasn’t had a chance to do much non-bath water activity recently.

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