Surprise! (I am actually doing an update)

So, where to start… Well Sam will be 1 in a few weeks; we can’t believe it. It has gone so fast! He is doing really well, lots of babbling and attempts to walk holding onto to anything he possibly can (including our trouser legs; yay for drawstrings!). He is a little speed demon when it comes to crawling and keeps us all on our toes. Recently his discovery of draws has proved a patience building exercise for all involved. Only a few little knocks and bruises so far, the odd jammed finger and self-induced tantrum injury (Sam likes to deliberately bang his head on the floor when things aren’t conforming to his specifications) which is great since now there are four wee teeth in the mix. He was lucky enough to have mastered falling down before there teeth to puncture lips.

Swimming is now into term two and he loves it! The teacher this term is wonderful and he has made quite a lot of progress already, he is really confident in the water and is going well with technique too, which is so cute to watch. The lesson is earlier than than last term so we can go for a swim in the big pool afterwards then finish off with a spa. Lovely! Speaking of which, Tony’s folks have a fab new spa and now that we are visiting them fortnightly (Tony is teaching at Northtec again) Sam gets to have some extra swim time which is pretty cool.

There is a fast growing fascination with animals too. Sam and the dog are pretty good mates and can be spotted playing with the tug toys together (which involves Sebastian pulling Sam over and Sam giggling and doing it again and again and again…) and Sam throws the tennis ball for Sebastian as well who actually brings it back and drops it! (we need two tennis balls for this to happen, but not Sam!) The cat, on the other hand, is chased, serenaded with Sam’s high pitched squeaky version of meow, eventually cornered and leapt upon.

Squashedmog Credit to Moglin however, he has yet to strike back, he ambles away but keeps his temper. Sometimes I think animals just know things. The five cats at Grandma and Grandad’s in Whangarei are another matter. The sensible grown up cats are not up for a baby in their house, the daft Persians are fine with being leapt upon. Go figure.

On a sad note one of Sam’s biggest fans passed away on July 20th. My Grandma (my mum’s mum) died after a long time in hospital and suffice to say we are all missing her overwhelming presence and never-ending phone calls. Her funeral was massive and that in itself is a testament to just how many friends she made (whether they liked it or not!). We are doing ok, it’s an odd time, I have not lost a grandparent before (and I am not keen to lose anymore) it is quite different. All things considered though, I think we are coping pretty well.

That’s enough sad stuff.

Simon and Jolene’s little bub is due on August 30th so good luck to them and we wish you a safe and easy delivery! If only we could get the babies by courier! So they may not make it to Sam’s first birthday party since they may well be very busy.

For the rest of you we will probably see you there. If not I promise I will do a post after the big event and you can all have a squizz at the photos on flickr.

Take care

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