Words & Pictures

Sam lying on the bed laughing.Sam’s vocabulary is increasing reasonably quickly at the moment. As well as speaking words, he’s getting a lot better at understanding them, too. If you ask him to find Grandma/Granddad/Poppa/Nanna from a selection of photos (we have a little photo board with friends & family on it) he can do that; he’s reasonably good at finding Aunty Brenda & ‘Aunty’ Debbie as well, and he knows Mummy & Daddy, of course.

He can say (in no particular order, and I may have forgotten some): Poppa, Nana, Mummy, Daddy, fish (“fishfishfishfish”), swing (“wiing”), turtle, wheel (“wheelwheelwheel”), nose, door, more, elephant (“nananent”), bubble, ball (“ballball”), swimming (“mingming”), baby, bird (“bir”), shoes, teeth, keys (“ees”), cheese, and bye. He knows some other things, but has picked up the wrong word: boat (“row row”), car (“bye bye”), dog (“woah woah”), cat (“ohhh”), elephant (“nose”), duck (“uack uack”) and throw (“catch”).

2 thoughts on “Words & Pictures

  1. “There it is” is distinct enough that there’s also a separate “here it is”. Also attempts at “grandma” and “granddad”. Sam said “Teeth hurt Daddy” the day before yesterday (“teeth” and “daddy” were quite distinct, “hurt” less so, but it was still understandable), which is maybe his first real triplet? (“There is is” is really just one word, and the parts aren’t used separately). There have already been some couplets like “fish swim”.

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