50 x 4

Samuel’s grandparents are all 50+ now, with Nana’s birthday on the 28th of December. We squeezed in two days of birthday events in between the Point Wells Christmas and the Whangarei one, which made everything that much tighter, but these events don’t come often! We bought her a digital photo frame (which we also did […]

Coffee Group Christmas

Things have been pretty busy recently, so not much in the way of updates, although there’s a backlog of video/photos to upload that I’m gradually getting to, along with an account of the festive season. We hosted the coffee group Christmas party this year, and it went really well. Amazinly, the weather held out, so […]

Using flickr

Olyvia asked me for an explanation of how to get people access to the photos on flickr that are marked as only available to friends/family. I figured this might be of use to others (let us know if you want to see this extra material), so I’ll duplicate it here. If you want to see […]


We had a week-long holiday in Taupo a couple of weeks ago – a Christmas present from (Great) Aunty Beryl. We stayed at Taupo Ika Nui, which was quite nice (certainly very conveniently located, right across the road from the lake, and a very short walk to the shops). The start had a bit of […]

Sam, photo-music-video style

Here’s a short (~ 2 minutes) summary of Sam in the first quarter of 2008 (or here’s a more relaxed version, if you prefer). These are somewhat large (17.4MB and 21.4MB) – if anyone wants to see them and doesn’t have that much bandwidth free then let me know and I’ll put up some smaller […]

Words & Pictures

Sam’s vocabulary is increasing reasonably quickly at the moment. As well as speaking words, he’s getting a lot better at understanding them, too. If you ask him to find Grandma/Granddad/Poppa/Nanna from a selection of photos (we have a little photo board with friends & family on it) he can do that; he’s reasonably good at […]

Bees, ogres, and a house full of kids

Liv’s family is still making their merry way across Europe (one each in Germany, France, and Italy at the moment, I think), and Sam hasn’t seen his grandparents on my side for a few weeks either (they’re making their daily merry way across Whangarei to work…), so another update. The last couple of weeks have […]