Coffee Group Christmas

Things have been pretty busy recently, so not much in the way of updates, although there’s a backlog of video/photos to upload that I’m gradually getting to, along with an account of the festive season.

We hosted the coffee group Christmas party this year, and it went really well. Amazinly, the weather held out, so pretty much the whole event was outside (some of the kids played in Sam’s room periodically, and Samuel gave himself some breaks in the lounge a couple of times).

I managed to take a few photos this time (being outside helped, as well as Samuel being old enough to look after himself for the most part). As usual, if the photo has Samuel in it, then it’s public. If not, then it’s only visible to flickr friends/family (or if you get a special link from me/Olyvia).

I also made an Animoto video, intending to put it up before Christmas (the party was the Sunday prior), as a holiday message. I got swamped with other things, so this is a bit late, but here it is anyway (you can watch it here directly, or download/view a higher quality (33 MB) version).

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