Using flickr

Collection of flickr images

Olyvia asked me for an explanation of how to get people access to the photos on flickr that are marked as only available to friends/family. I figured this might be of use to others (let us know if you want to see this extra material), so I’ll duplicate it here.

  1. If you want to see public photos, just go to  Clicking one of the photos at the bottom of this page will also take you there (starting at that photo).
  2. If you want to see photos of something, I’m pretty consistent with tagging, e.g. dog, sam, coffee groupadam.  There’s a ‘tag cloud‘ with the most common tags.
  3. If you want to see photos that are marked as for friends/family only, anyone can create a free flickr account, and it doesn’t matter if it stays empty (i.e. you don’t put any photos there).  Just go to and click the “Create Your Account” button at the top right. When you have an account, they just go to and click the “Add as a contact” link at the top right.  We’ll get an email about this and will reasonably promptly mark you as friend/family and you’ll be able to see everything that isn’t 100% private.

BTW, if anyone ever asks for a photo that they are in (or their kid is in) not to be there, then I take it down.

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