Sam, photo-music-video style

Samuel laughingHere’s a short (~ 2 minutes) summary of Sam in the first quarter of 2008 (or here’s a more relaxed version, if you prefer).

These are somewhat large (17.4MB and 21.4MB) – if anyone wants to see them and doesn’t have that much bandwidth free then let me know and I’ll put up some smaller versions.

(The videos were made with Animoto (“welcome to the end of slideshows”), and the non-classical track features music from The Clintons. Check them both out!)

Update: if you want to sign up for Animoto’s unlimited pass (as many videos as you want to make for a year for US$30) rather than just make 30 second ‘shorts’, you can use my code lshxyboj to get US$5 off (and give me 3 months free).

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