I’ve (obviously, unless you’re reading this through the feed) got far enough with the redesign that I’ve decided to switch over. The tunetest link at the bottom of the page doesn’t work yet, and the “notes” section (click “more” below) doesn’t quite look right, and there are a few other minor bits and pieces, but in general I think it’s good enough to go live.

Please let me know (add a comment or via email) if anything is broken (I haven’t tried this at all in Internet Explorer, for example), or if there’s something you think doesn’t work as well as before, and I’ll try and make some more edits to the theme.

Apart from just having something fresh, it’s nice to have a little more colour in the page, 4 more photos, more than one post on the front page, and a few other things like that. Hopefully you find it an improvement, too!

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