Which came first?

So it’s been ages. Mostly I can’t remember how to use the website and I never use the big computer: I’m always using my phone. Anyway. Hi. Now that I can update from the iPhone, I hopefully will use this more regular-like. Cute story time: Sam and I went to the Matakana Country Park the […]

Three months later…

…and it’s Debbie here – a little bit bored of reading about Tony’s birthday celebrations 😉 So, for a little bit of an update (no doubt one of the Meyer’s will be shamed into updating soon…) – Sam is growing taller and smarter every day. Last time I saw him he was spouting off words, […]

Four Beaches and a Birthday

As most people (reading this) know, my 30th birthday was a week ago tomorrow. Samuel and I were in Whangarei that weekend (a story for another time), so I spent my birthday with my parents – I think possibly the first time in a decade. We had a very nice day – I did a […]

Street View, with a history

It’s kinda cool that street view exists, but it does also make you wonder what you’ll be able to do by the time Samuel gets to be my age. I believe this was our house in Kaitaia (before the Jamieson Road one, which doesn’t seem to have street view – even Google has limits! – […]

Slide Video

Another short one: a little video from a few weeks ago of Samuel playing on the slide (there’s a head, shoulders, knees & toes segment, too), when he first started climbing the ladder on his own. Again, video from the still camera, so not great quality and no audio. There’s a small version (33 MB) […]

Flashback #3

One more for today – there are two more prepared videos, which I might get to tomorrow. This is a little flashback to when Samuel first started walking. The video quality isn’t great, since it was taken with the still camera rather than the video camera (and whoever was shooting it – I don’t remember […]

50 x 4

Samuel’s grandparents are all 50+ now, with Nana’s birthday on the 28th of December. We squeezed in two days of birthday events in between the Point Wells Christmas and the Whangarei one, which made everything that much tighter, but these events don’t come often! We bought her a digital photo frame (which we also did […]