Samuel is two years old today!  Still no Internet access at home (and it may be two weeks yet before there is), so photos and so on will be late arriving, sorry. This morning he got up around 7 a.m., where he found all the toys that live at Grandma & Granddad’s (we are staying […]

Stay tuned!

In brief: We moved. I was promised a home phone line and Internet connection either the day we moved or a couple of days later.  A week and a half later the phone line appeared and the Internet order has had to be redone.  Moral: avoid TelstraClear at all costs.  I’ll rant about them elsewhere, […]

Home, sweet home

A couple of years ago, Olyvia and I decided that we’d move from Whitehills (as a complete aside, what gives with the older-than-it-used-to-be-and-no-house imagery in the Google map?) to somewhere cheaper to try and save towards buying a house.  We really liked living there, but with Samuel on the way and going back to one income […]

Sleep, or a lack thereof

So it’s been over two weeks since Samuel switched to sleeping in a bed.  The first two nights went really well.  Unfortunately, things haven’t really continued that way (at night; during the day has been ok, although we’re still staying with him until he’s asleep).  On the Thursday he started getting up shortly after getting […]


Samuel changed to sleeping in a bed yesterday.  He had his last night in the cot on Monday night, and attempted to have a nap in the cot on Tuesday afternoon (turned out that there wasn’t any sleep).  After that, we took the side rails off the cot, and swapped the foot for the shorter […]

Using flickr

Olyvia asked me for an explanation of how to get people access to the photos on flickr that are marked as only available to friends/family. I figured this might be of use to others (let us know if you want to see this extra material), so I’ll duplicate it here. If you want to see […]

Sam playing in Taupo

One last entry for our recent Taupo trip: here’s a short (3 minute) video (33MB, or there’s a 19MB version) of Sam at the playground and having a swim in the resort pool. The quality’s not great – the video is all taken with the still camera, which takes nice still photos, but pretty terrible […]

Ex Libris

The book catalogue software we use (Delicious Library, very highly recommended, but Mac only) just released version 2.0. There are many improvements that will be of no interest to most of you, but two possibly are: The scripting support is much stronger. This means that I should be able to re-do my query-by-txt tool so […]


We had a week-long holiday in Taupo a couple of weeks ago – a Christmas present from (Great) Aunty Beryl. We stayed at Taupo Ika Nui, which was quite nice (certainly very conveniently located, right across the road from the lake, and a very short walk to the shops). The start had a bit of […]

Sam, photo-music-video style

Here’s a short (~ 2 minutes) summary of Sam in the first quarter of 2008 (or here’s a more relaxed version, if you prefer). These are somewhat large (17.4MB and 21.4MB) – if anyone wants to see them and doesn’t have that much bandwidth free then let me know and I’ll put up some smaller […]