I’ve (obviously, unless you’re reading this through the feed) got far enough with the redesign that I’ve decided to switch over. The tunetest link at the bottom of the page doesn’t work yet, and the “notes” section (click “more” below) doesn’t quite look right, and there are a few other minor bits and pieces, but […]

Mixed Feelings

Since Adam has been visiting a lot recently (and will now be looked after by Olyvia, along with Regan, twice a week), Samuel is able to pick up new skills by observing someone roughly a year older than himself. This is obviously good in some ways, but bad in others. Sam’s now able to open […]

Words & Pictures

Sam’s vocabulary is increasing reasonably quickly at the moment. As well as speaking words, he’s getting a lot better at understanding them, too. If you ask him to find Grandma/Granddad/Poppa/Nanna from a selection of photos (we have a little photo board with friends & family on it) he can do that; he’s reasonably good at […]


Last week we all drove up to Paihia to visit Simon, Jolene, Adam & Regan, who spent the week up there. Sam did quite well with the 4.5 hour trip (probably his longest so far), with just a little stop at Wellsford for some lunch. We didn’t really do anything on Wednesday night, but on […]

Don't look behind the curtain

I updated the CMS software that uses (WordPress) today – theoretically, you should notice nothing at all (unless you’re me, Olyvia or Debbie and can go see the Wizard). In practice, things sometimes break. It looks fine to me, but please let me know if something doesn’t work. Next up (as well as a […]

Bees, ogres, and a house full of kids

Liv’s family is still making their merry way across Europe (one each in Germany, France, and Italy at the moment, I think), and Sam hasn’t seen his grandparents on my side for a few weeks either (they’re making their daily merry way across Whangarei to work…), so another update. The last couple of weeks have […]

Some new skills

So, we went to swimming this morning as usual and Sam has decided that he can put his head under the water on his own now. I was so surprised! We count 1,2,3, then submerge and today he did it himself, right on cue, twice, and even blew bubbles. Very cute and talented. We went […]

When the cat's away

Since Sam’s Nana, Poppa, and Uncle are all in Europe, I ought to do an update (rather than completely rely on Debbie!), since we said we’d keep them up-to-date a bit. (And hello to everyone else!). I’ve also got photos to upload, probably tomorrow. So a quick recap of the last week-and-a-bit: Saturday we saw […]

An end to Seasons Greetings…

Is anybody else bored with checking this site and reading about the upcoming Christmas and New Year? Debbie here, and I’m hijacking this page temporarily until Sam learns to update websites, or at least until Tony/Olyvia get time to do it themselves. Soooo, to update you all… As you have probably guessed Sam is now […]

and now…

So it has been two more months and, as predicted, Sam is not far from running. He went from a couple of wobbly steps to full-on walking pretty quickly. We think it was a confidence thing, once he got some he was sweet to go. Now shopping trips are far more interactive for all involved […]