Sam took his first few unaided steps today! At exactly 13 months old. I guess it won’t be too long until we are chasing a running child not a crawling one! It is pretty cute to watch. We have been watching him stand alone for a few weeks now and he has even started to […]


We gave Samuel his main birthday present a few days early yesterday (it’s a bit big to hide under the bed!) – a sandpit. He didn’t catch on quite as quickly as to the beach early in the year, but seems to be getting to enjoy it. We bought it from Magic Rainbow – they […]

Surprise! (I am actually doing an update)

So, where to start… Well Sam will be 1 in a few weeks; we can’t believe it. It has gone so fast! He is doing really well, lots of babbling and attempts to walk holding onto to anything he possibly can (including our trouser legs; yay for drawstrings!). He is a little speed demon when […]

Bits and pieces

Congratulations to PJ & Chantal, who are going to be married on leap day 2008! Congratulations to Simon & Jolene, who are expecting a little brother for Adam in four or five months time! Sam’s progressing quickly with his crawling – he’s able to get across a room without falling down at all now – […]

Flashback Video #1

Sam has really started moving over the last week.  While visiting Granddad and Grandma on Tuesday, he properly crawled for the first time (only a couple of steps, but still!), and then managed to pull himself to a standing position from sitting as well.  Since then, the crawling has stayed at only a few steps […]

Sand, Sea, and Sun

A couple of weeks ago, we headed off to Mangawhai Heads for just under a week for a holiday (a Christmas pressie from Mum & Dad – thanks!). We stayed in a bach not far from the beach, and Si, Jo, and Adam came to visit during the weekend (we played Scrabble Funworder, of all […]

One, two, three…

Everything had been going fairly smoothly.  And then there was the Internet issue (still not resolved, and dialup is driving me nuts).  Then our cellphone had to go in to be repaired, as the bluetooth stopped working (the problem started before the move, but it only went in a couple of weeks ago).  So now […]


As most of you know, we’re completely moved now. Everything went pretty smoothly (thanks for all the help!) for the most part. We still have a garage half-full of things to sell, but that’s mostly it. We’ve had the final inspectation at the old house (typical lazy real-estate agent took a glance around and decided […]

Butterfly Creek

Simon, Jolene, Adam, Olyvia, Samuel and I went to Butterfly Creek on New Year’s Day this year. The plan was originally to go on New Year’s Eve, but the weather wasn’t great, so we put it off – New Year’s Day itself had great weather, so it was a good choice, although we did have […]